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Come and enjoy our bright and super fun studio and experience awesome films, live concerts and the coolest music, videos, albums and playlists on the Hotter Than Hell Multi-screen experience. 


Boss man JFK has been tattooing since 1985 and has literally tattooed his way around the world, TWICE!  He has been on TV, in newspapers and magazines on every continent. He has tattooed at all the biggest conventions including New York, Amsterdam and London.  He has won many awards for his work and loves tattooing in all styles! Come see him! 


Lee Von Frankenstein has been tattooing for 20+ years and loves to tattoo dark/horror black and grey pieces!! But also loves Colour, Portraits, Traditional/Old School and DISNEY! Come see him!!

Enrique Vega

Enrique hails from Spain and has a background in graffiti and graphic design.  He loves Neo Traditional and Graphic Blackwork.  Check out his work and pay him a visit!!

Daire El-Sabai

Des comes from Ireland via Dubai! He loves big bold Western and Japanese tattoos, but is proficient in all styles! Pop in for a chat!